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Based on the idea that smaller is effective and better, many companies concluded that even laptops can be made portable, and the age of tablets was brought to life. Most tablets have a few buttons, mainly used as home buttons, volumes, and shutting down. However, tablets tend to utilize touch-screen technology more than the analog mode of operation. Tablets come in various models and sizes from different manufacturers.


How to identify that indeed you have a tablet is by confirming if it can be held in your hands. Unlike cell phone devices, tablets are generally bigger, with screens that range from 7 to 11-inches in range. However, they are much smaller than laptops, without the folding capabilities.


Whether you depend on your tablet for work, entertainment, or even during meetings and road trips, when your tablet doesn’t work effectively, it can frustrate you a lot. In such instances, you must seek professional guidance to ensure your business, meetings, and work goes effectively as planned and this is where we come in. At Fast Cellphone Repairs, we are experienced in fixing all types of tablets including Android and Apple. Our number one repair service is a cracked front glass screen. However, since tablets have become increasingly popular, we have realized that common issues that might affect your tablet can be drawn down to a specific few. We can also replace LCDs, charging ports, batteries, and buttons.


Our services are as follows:

  • Cracked screen repair
  • Broken LCDs repair
  • Charging Port Replacement
  • Sound Audio issues
  • Water damage

We are well aware of how effective your tablet is in your waking life and it is why we do our best to ensure we fix it promptly and have it back to you in perfect shape.

Cracked Screen Repair

Some accidents are unavoidable and occasionally, your tablet might fall victim. Maybe you might have been using your tablet on the couch or bed and left it, then accidentally someone sat on it and the pressure caused the screen to break. Maybe you left it on your desk or workstation and it slipped off accidentally causing the screen to break. When you have a tablet with a broken screen, it might be dangerous and close to impossible to get any activity going.

At Fast Cellphone Repairs, we have a robust inventory of original tablet screens in stock. With years of experience, we repair tablet screens effectively and fast so you won’t have to miss the most important sessions such as meetings that you are to be part of. We offer onsite repairs.

Broken LCDs Repair

If your digitizer is damaged and you can no longer have an image, this is a clear indication that you might have broken the thin and fragile LCD unit. Sometimes the digitizer doesn’t have to be damaged. The LCD just goes bad due to old age, too much heat, and the tablet falling. We have qualified professionals ready to take up the challenge of fixing your tablet. Some of the symptoms of a broken LCD are bad pixels, white screen or black screen, and picture distortion. We repair any type and model of tablets at any time.

Charging Ports and connectors Replacement

Charging port failure is another common issue faced by many tablet owners, which can either be caused by a defective charging port or a faulty battery. You might end up trying to wiggle or hold your charger in a specific position to keep your phone charging. Charging ports are one of the few components of your tab that are not used more than twice a day. However, there are cases you might end up using it multiple times. In such cases, there is a high probability that your tablet might have tones of tear and wear. Dirt, dust, and debris might have played a big role in the poor functionality of your tablet.

In other cases, as your tablet gets old, the dock connectors and charging ports might bend or get damaged. This means you will have to get your charging ports fixed or replaced before you experience worse. Our technicians are well equipped to replace these parts and ensure your tablet functions as new. Fast Cellphone Repairs can get your tablet fixed and back up and running before you know it.

Sound Audio Complications

You might be having issues and problems trying to hear what someone on the receiving end is trying to say. Sometimes you might experience audio cutting during a phone call. Such issues indicate that there is an active problem that needs urgent attention. You will have to check a few things on your tablet that might ascertain something is wrong.

In most cases, people confuse such issues with connectivity. Your tablet’s microphone can as well accumulate dirt and debris particles in the openings causing a sound obstruction. At First Cellphone Repairs, we offer a full diagnosis to know and understand the origin of the sound complications. We check the sound settings, check for the headphone symbol on your tablet, clean the microphone, and sometimes we might be forced to reset or reboot your device.

Water and Other Damages

Water damage is not new to anyone who has handled a mobile phone before. Water accidents might happen when you least expect them. If you virtually take your tablet everywhere, there are high chances that your tablet might dive into your sink, swimming pool, bathtub, or in common cases, it can be rained on. It is not easy to repair water damage, more so when you are thinking of doing it alone. You might encounter more damage than one done by water. However, with our professional services, recovering your tablet’s well-being is easy. We ensure the service is swift and effective that you don’t have to lose your files and any other important content. Contact us to get a free quote or feel free to contact us at 604-607-5095.

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