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All repairs are done fast and professionally by our experts!

Smartphones have permeated through the fabrics of society and today, they are part and parcel of our daily activities. Whether you are going to work or simply want to write down a shopping list, your android, Apple phone or iPad can come in handy. We may not appreciate the role of these gadgets in our lives, and it is true when we say that many people only appreciate how important they are when they are damaged. Then the next problem presents itself, you do not know the right company to help you get it fixed.

Enter Fast Cell Repairs. We are a Surrey Delta-based phone repair shop that understands everything there is to know about phone repair. We also understand that your phone is an essential part of your family and work life, which is the reason why we work fast and professionally whenever you bring your gadget to us.

We provide walk-in repairs for different types of gadgets for our clients in the Surrey Delta and surrounding areas. This kind of service is meant to ensure that you can have your device back in the shortest time possible.

Some of the gadgets we repair include:

Android phones. Android smartphones can be damaged even in the most unexpected ways. However, we have trained professionals who can handle all sorts of android problems including power, speaker and microphones, screen, and keypad problems to ensure that your phone is up and running. No matter what the problem is, we will get to the root of it.

Apple phones. Many people today have invested in iPhones and losing your gadget in one incident can be devastating. However, you cannot be sure that there is any significant damage if you do not get it checked by us. Some of the problems we deal with on iPhones include cracked screens, broken LCDs, unlocking, audio sound issues, and water damage.

iPads. We fix different models of the iPad including iPad 2,3,4 Air, Mini, and Mini 2. One common problem that we get is cracked front glass. However, we also deal with other related problems including water damage, factory unlocks, cracked screens, and broken LCDs. No matter what your iPad’s problem is, we can help you get it sorted.

Tablets. Just like with the other gadgets, we are the professionals who will repair your tablet and return it to you in the best condition. We repair cracked screens and glasses, broken LCDs, charging ports, and audio issues on your tablet.

Why Choose Us?

We have professionals who are well-suited for the profession. Apart from this professionalism, we have the necessary tools, equipment, and replacement parts that help us solve a wide range of problems. This is why we are efficient and reliable.

Our walk-in process involves an examination of the phone or tablet, diagnosis, and an estimate of the cost and repair time. This means that you are not obligated to use our services nor to pay. We just confirm that we can fix the problem and you can wait on-site as we work on it. If the damage is too much to fix at a moment’s notice, we will lend you a replacement phone as this helps to reduce the inconvenience caused by the extended service.

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We understand your problems, but we can only offset the process of fixing your phone when you reach out to us today. We will use only the highest-quality parts in the market to repair your phone and get it back to you as soon as possible. Our warranty policy will ensure that any problems are sorted as soon as they arise.

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