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With the advancing technology, things have been made easier. You don’t have to physically sit in an office, in front of your desktop to keep the business going, or to complete your office work in one place. Apple has made it easier by giving people the option of getting their work done, even in the tightest situations. Since the release of iPads, people have enjoyed working on them remotely, whether during their morning routine, at the poolside on a holiday, or while sitting in front of the TV. The iPad has become an essential tool for various professionals and business owners.


However, what would you do if your iPad suddenly started to misbehave or instantly stopped working? What would you do if all this happened when you were in the middle of a very complicated task or project? Imagine your tab slipping from your desk and getting smashed on the floor. There will only be one solution left, quickly, and instantly fix it.

Quick iPad Repair Services

At Fast Cellphone Repairs, we are a trusted iPad repair company with years of expertise. We not only physically repair the iPad but also fix bugs. We are well equipped with the necessary skills to repair or replace any part of your device. We issue a wide range of iPad services and repairs at any time. We currently fix the iPad 2, 3, 4, Air, Mini, and Mini 2 as we wait for iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 to be released soon. Some of our major repair services include:

  • Cracked ScreenBroken LCDs
  • Factory Unlocking
  • Charging Port Replacement
  • Sound Audio Issues
  • Water Damage

Cracked Screen Repair

The best part of any iPad is the screen. However, some of the top challenges many clients encounter with their iPads are screen cracking. Never let a cracked screen stop you from enjoying the best of your iPad or from getting your business or assignments pending. Feel free to reach us at Fast Cellphone Repairs for our effective iPad cracked screen repair services. We are fast, reliable, and convenient because we understand how it feels to be separated from your gadget. With our experienced technicians in iPad screen repairs and replacements, we are capable of offering instant screen repairs to all our clients.

Broken LCDs

An iPads scratched or shattered LCD can sometimes be annoying. However, it cannot be as bad as having to buy another iPad screen entirely. Instead of having to spend your hard-earned money in buying repairs at official retailers, visit us at fastcellphonesrepair.ca. We expertly do LCD repairs at a pocket-friendly price. Our technicians will professionally replace the broken LCDs with a new one including the digitizer and screen if need be. All these services can be done on the same day without delays.

Water Damage Repair

Accidents occur when you least expect them. During movements from one spot to another, eg, from your office or site to home then back you might experience water damage. When your iPad comes into contact with water, minerals begin to form on the inside part of the hardware, such as the logic board. You might realize that your device begins to glitch, randomly shuts down, or stops working instantly. Sometimes your iPad might start developing internal complications due to rain or even drinks spilling on it accidentally. There is no need to let your work be on standstill. It might be the right time to reach out to a professional. Trying to fix a water damaged iPad alone might be a very complex task that might lead to more intense damages. However, with our technicians at Fast Cellphone Repairs, you are sure to have your iPad right where it needs to be, in your palm. We have the necessary equipment and knowledge to fix any water damaged iPad at any time, from taking a water damage diagnosis for mineral levels and signs of corrosion. We ensure the interior of your iPad is well-scrubbed using the ultrasonic cleaner with an aliphatic hydrocarbon and isopropyl alcohol. After cleaning, we ensure the debris is flushed away. In case of intense or permanent damage, we will make the necessary changes and replacements then do the final tests.

Factory Unlocking

Many people rely on iPads for many reasons which include in and out of office visits for meetings and presentations, and collection of data from consumers at trade shows and other events and activities. Your iPad can be disabled when someone mistakenly entered the wrong security code several times. Security codes are very effective in keeping away thieves or people trying to hack into your system for information and other personal stuff. However, it can be disastrous if you can’t remember your password. If you can’t find an instant solution, you are sure to have an interrupted workday and that means poor performance.

At Fast Cellphone Repairs, we offer factory unlocking services in cases where your iPad locks you out. You don’t have to waste another day out of the office simply because your gadget has a minor technical complication. With the advanced technology, we will ensure your iPad is back in operation before you know it.

Charging Port Replacement

There are many reasons your charging port might start misbehaving or stop working. Some of the reasons include:

  • Mechanical damage is the most common reason for many iPad users. This happens a lot of times and it is unavoidable. You will eventually have to connect and remove the charging cord a lot.
  • Humidity can damage the charging port due to corrosion. This happens when you keep your phone in a wet environment with a high humidity level.
  • Dirt, debris, and dust may prevent the port from functioning effectively by blocking it.

At Fast Cellphone Repair Services, we are fully equipped with a team of highly trained technicians, who are well updated on the new technology advancements. They are ready to fix your iPads broken charging port. We are well aware of how effective your device is in your business and your daily well being. We strive to ensure our repair services are fast and effective so you don’t have to lose another dime in your business. With the highest quality and compatible spare parts, we are fully equipped to repair your device.

Sound Audio Issues

Sound and audio speakers are built to be stout. However, they might not always stand against debris and dust. In other cases, a software or app glitch may cause muffled sound output on your speaker or even worse, stop it from working at all.

This should not worry you that much since we have the necessary skills to quickly fix the issues, to get the speakers working again.

For more information about our iPad repair services, feel free to get a free quote and reach us out on fastcellphonerepairs.ca or give us a call at 604-700-5095.

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