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Android Phone Repair

Android phones have become part of our lives in many ways. These gadgets have become so central in our lives that even the fault on or in them can bring our lives to a sudden standstill. If you have an android phone, probably you depend on it daily for various reasons such as receiving the latest news, storing your favorite pictures, connecting you to your contacts, and getting you to your appointments on time. Those are just but a few reasons why your android is central to your existence.


The real challenge kicks in when your android phone stops functioning as it should. It might get damaged forcing you to seek an urgent android phone repair service. At Fast Cellphone Repairs, we have a team of technicians with years of experience and qualification in fixing a vast range of android phone models so you can have your dependable device back sooner than you expect. With experience in any hardware and software repairs, we fix both android phones in a warrant and out of warranty for all android models.


Some of our android phone repairs include:

  • Microphone repair
  • Power repair
  • Speaker repair
  • Screen repair
  • Keypad repair

Screen Repair

Screen damages are not situations anyone can expect. Accidents happen but the most important thing to do is to always have a solution at hand. When your android phone’s screen is broken, or when the screen has lost its sensitivity, you might find it challenging to continue using your gadget from touching to typing various parts of the screen.

Modern android phones, unlike old school mobile phones, are pretty much all screen. This doesn’t make them any safer from unwanted damages. However, when such damages occur, you won’t have to buy a new phone. Whether it slipped out of your hand and smashed the screen when you were angry, you can always reach out to us to fix it. We fix all sorts of screen cracks from minor to major cracks, or if your phone won’t turn on, touch doesn’t work effectively or totally, or when your screen shows static. We have experienced experts to help with any android phone screen within no time.

Power Button Repair and Replacement

There are cases when your power buttons begin to misbehave. Your power button may have delayed response, stick, or be hard to operate, or powering off your device might be challenging. Sometimes the button might be too loose or refuse to function at all. Such complications might be as a result of drinks or water leakages to your phone, debris, or your android falling into your water unexpectedly.

One quick way to realize your androids power button has issues is when pressing and holding it but you get a delayed response. However, the device will eventually power on. Another way to notice challenges with your button is when you won’t get an option to power off your phone. In such instances, our team of expert technicians with years of experience in handling power button misbehavior can help you. We handle all power button fixing and replacement for all android phones.

Speaker Repair

Sweat, rain, lint, debris, or any kind of liquid such as drinks can play a major role in the developing speaker problem when left uncleaned for a longer period. Your media-sound might start experiencing poor sound quality and response.

At times your speaker might fail to function effectively during calls or it might just be low even when your phone's volume is at the top bar.

If you begin to face challenges such as distorted noises from your speaker, crackling, hear static, or have issues with the quality of sound, it is time you seek immediate intervention from the professionals. As soon as you begin to hear your sound getting muffled, reaching us may be your only way out. Whether you need your speaker to be fixed or replaced, we have the necessary experts who can effectively do the fixing at an affordable rate.

Microphone Repair

We specialize in the most complex level mic repairs on android cell phones. Sometimes you might hear someone talking from the receiving end but they cannot hear you back. That is a clear indication that your microphone has an issue that requires attention. A mic diagnosis and repair will fix your communication troubles. We have different microphone spare parts for all android brands and models and can get your phone repaired on the same day.

Keypad Repair

Keypad problems can be caused by many challenges from cracked to broken screens. Sometimes phones like Blackberries can develop bad keyboards because of mush use. In such instances, we have the necessary equipment to replace the pads of such phones. We ensure that the board of your phone is clean to ensure effective functionality.

At Fast Cell Repairs, we know how it feels to break your cell phone and how important your gadget is to you. We don’t find it amusing to disconnect for a longer period than necessary. With the advancing technology, not a single person wants to be away from his or her phone unless necessary. That is why we offer fast and reliable android phone services so you can reconnect with your phone in no time. Our goal is to ensure your phone is corrected as quickly as possible.

No matter what smartphone you own, our technicians will ensure a diagnosis is done and the repairs are effective. For more information about our services, you can get a free quote or give us a call at 604-700-5095.

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